Pub Darts 3D

"There's plenty of fun to be had in Pub Darts"

Pub Darts 3D

Pub Darts 3D is just one of the many “Pub” games sitting on the PubDarts3D website, offering players the chance to play a complete online darts-game experience from the comfort of their own chosen browser. Its blend of simple-yet-effective controls and reasonably acceptable projective physics sits atop a multitude of gameplay modes, tournaments, and challenges to ensure anyone that stumbles on this game will hooked into what could be hours upon hours of (mis)spent time.

Gameplay in Pub Darts 3D is par for the course when it comes to online darts games, in that you’d better have a functioning mouse (or be a dab hand with a laptop mouse pad) in order to fully appreciate the controller input interface. At its most basic, you simply use your mouse to guide the on-screen crosshair to your desired section of the board, which is labelled with sections from 1-20 points as is the norm with the game of darts. The accuracy of your shot is controlled by a secondary skill-based mechanic, however, with a circle appearing around the crosshair that grows and shrinks. You must time your click of the mouse to coincide with the smallest possible instance of this circle in order throw most accurately. You don’t have to be PDC Darts - level to get along with this game; the controls are simple to grasp.

There are some nice little touches to the game’s physics that will please regular darts players, too. Even the most accurate of mouse-clicks can occasionally result in a slightly inaccurate throw, which increases realism a little. Darts can also bounce off the board if you manage to hit the metal separators on the board, again, just like in real-life darts.

Pub Darts 3D offers a wide selection of options when it comes to modes of play, too. You’ve got the standard tournament format where you can play 301 or 501 darts in either easy, medium, or hard difficulty settings. The game also caters to people looking for a more immediate/less time-intensive pastime, too, in the form of challenges. These include Around the Clock, the addictive 21-Dart Challenge, and the frustrating-yet-rewarding 501 Beat-the-Master challenge. In all, there is plenty of fun to be had in this game. However, players must be warned: the graphics aren’t as flashy as you’ll find on the more polished, presentable Darts Games apps, but this isn’t a major concern considering the gameplay is so enjoyable and addictive.