Darts Party

"Darts Party, with its unique control mechanism and multitude of gameplay options"

Darts Party

If you’re not familiar with Mousebreaker as a brand or a platform, then fear not: you are in safe hands. When it comes to online sports fun, they are one of the most innovative producers of addictive flash-based games to ever grace the internet. Darts Party is yet another display of Mousebreaker’s ability to take a sport, flash-ify the whole experience, while also injecting a significant amount of variety in the form of game modes, player characters, and a unique, challenging control mechanism to top off the whole experience.

When you head to Mousebreaker and open up the Darts Party game, the main screen presents you with 4 options (these are the modes of play): Quick Game, Tournament, Dart Attack, and Round the Clock. Quick game is perfect for anyone looking to dive straight into a swift game of either 301 or 501 – there is no obligation to play multiple matches in this mode. Tournament is where serious players can knuckle down for the long haul, playing match after match until you wish to close the browser down.

In addition to the traditional Tournament and Quick Game modes, there are 2 additional forms of play to ensure you don’t get tired of the standard types. Dart Attack is a particularly interesting take on darts, which has you attempt to reduce your opponent’s lives to 0 by aiming at his side of the board. Finally, you have Round the Clock, a classic format that has you throwing in ascending numerical order. These 2 additional modes mean that Darts Party goes beyond the level of variety that most online darts games seemingly dare to offer. Each mode also allows you to choose the level of difficulty, between Amateur or Professional, so you’ll never be stuck for a challenge if the standard difficulty is too much of a breeze.

The control input is mouse-based, with a crosshair appearing on screen and allowing you to aim where you wish. A pulsating circle enlarges and recedes, with the aim being to take your shot when the circle is as small as possible, which increases the accuracy of your shot.

Darts Party, with its unique control mechanism and multitude of gameplay options, is one of the better online darts games out there. Its graphics are fairly basic, but players will likely find replayability in the game modes and the challenging controller mechanics this game offers.